* As a child of the 70s I was raised in the beautiful green and hilly countryside in the Rhine area close to Cologne, Germany

* As a girl of the 80s spending I spent my time after school drawing, making pottery, stitching, crocheting, knitting, sewing, practising photography, writing, observing animals and plants, hiking and riding a bicycle 
 1st place in the international drawing competition "Loving animals - protecting animals"   

* As a teenager in the 90s I created my own clothes and jewellery, receiving a classical education in portrait and nude drawing by Michael Gnade, participating in the photography club and experimenting with black and white photography in my own darkroom
1st place in the German Youth Photo competition 

 * As a student in the 90s at the Pforzheim School of Design, I was studying at the faculty for fashion with fine arts training in drawing and photography. (BusinessWeek Magazine ranked it the among the 60 best academic institutions in the field of design worldwide) I was organising and designing my own costume shows like "fashion that has a story to tell" and "dressing performance by nature"
1st place international fashion award "fascination in nature" 

 * Since 1997 with a university degree in design working in Europe and Asia as a fashion designer, a PR consultant, photographer and artist for companies like Germany's biggest costume house Theaterkunst, costume designer Maria Lucas, Cirque du Soleil, as a tutor for the International Filmschool Cologne and several other training institutes. 

 * I have travelled in more than 30 countries using my 3 languages to communicate in (German, English and French), which provided plenty of opportunities to draw, write poetry, take photos and bring home recordings of birds and sounds of nature
1st Place iTunes Podcast "guided meditation" 

 * founder, owner and tutor of the private design school in Cologne "Atelierschule" in 2010 which includes daily workshops in fashion design, pattern making, tailoring, art photography and drawing with the goal of developing the individual capabilities of each student.